May 4, 2018

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Oil Drill Bits- An Overview

Oil is a well known fossil fuel found in several countries worldwide. Typically it is formed from the remains of deal animals and plants in ancient times millions of years back. The process of making oil took millions of years as when animals died they sank into the mud at the bottom of ocean in millions of years they converted into organic substance which results in crude oil and natural gas. Do you ever think the oil used in industries require lots of effort to drill out from the earth crust? The process of oil drilling is very complex and huge risks are involves in the procedure.You may want to check out oil drill bits for more.

The crude oils available at the earth crust have to be drilled out whereas the natural gas remains stored within the carbonates, coals and sandstones. In order to drill out oils, wells are constructed over the oil bed and to become functional it generally takes two to three months. A single well can be used for 25 to 30 years on an average and various tools and resources are used for drilling horizontally, vertically and multi- layered wells.

The actual drilling process starts with the searching of most appropriate conditions for trapping oil which includes right source rock, reservoir rock and entrapment. These all conditions are checked by professional Geologists who are hired by oil companies or any private firm. They have skills and knowledge to find most relevant conditions and with the help of advanced technology, they examine the surface rocks and terrain by satellite images. Lots of technical methods are also used such as to measure the gravitational field of the ground that indicates the flow of oil and sensitive magnetometer that helps to measure the changes in magnetic field as well.

Another sensitive electronic equipment, sniffers are used to sense the hydrocarbons odor and commonly used technique, seismology is used that creates shock waves. The process of oil drilling has several steps such as:

-Proper survey and licensing of the drill site has to be done or prepared.

-In order to bore the areas, long steel pipes are inserted into the earth.

-With the help of cement pipes, fresh water acquifer is protected.

-In the earth crust, process is continued up to its maximum point.

-To crack the shale, drilling fluid is used which consist of mud and other chemicals and water.

-It takes two to five days to complete the process of fracturing and till then other processes are continued at the area.

-When well is dug all necessary facilities are implemented and is ready to function.