Why Do You Need a Shoe Rack and How Can You Use It?

What is a shoe rack? This is an elegant cabinet of open and closed type, designed specifically for storing shoes. There are several varieties in SONGMICS HOME.

With its help, it is easier to maintain order in the hallway, since each pair of shoes will have its own place. Some cabinets are also used as a banquette, while others are convenient for storing keys and storing creams and brushes on the shelves. This piece of furniture helps to ergonomically organize the space. To buy a suitable shoe storage, you need to understand what they are and what to look for when choosing them.

garderobe with shoe rack
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How else can you use the shoe storage?

How and where can you use shoe racks to make storage functional?

  1. Place it in the bedroom instead of a headboard
  2. Use instead of a shelf in the bathroom
  3. Attach to crib
  4. Use instead of a shelf in the living room or dining room
  5. Use as a minibar
  6. Use instead of a console for TV
variety of shoes on shoe rack
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How deep should a shoe rack be?

How to calculate the size of a shoe rack? The optimal shelf depth for a pair of women’s shoes is 30 cm, and for men’s – 40 cm. Then there may be enough space even for a box. To understand how many pairs will fit in a row on one shelf, assume that women’s shoes are approximately 22 cm in width, and men’s shoes are 25 cm in width.

The main parameter is depth. The standard depth of a shoe rack is 60–80 cm. However, if you need more spacious storage, you can find a 120 cm shoe rack. The average height is about 100 cm. The width and number of shelving depends on how much free space there is in the hallway.